About Philosophy of Art Montage Project

Please click each blog title to view full entry. Montage is a concept originally developed in the construction of film, involving slicing images together in unexpected ways to reveal a message not otherwise expressible. Montage now more generally refers to an artistic technique of mixed media, which allows for the exposition of an idea or … Continue reading About Philosophy of Art Montage Project


Stream of Consciousness: What is Art?

Art is an object of consciousness – an expression of creativity. Art has significance not only for the artist, but also for the audience. Art evokes a conversation, a relationship, a bond between artists and viewer. Art provides a platform for critique. Art is emotion, expression of human experience, a thought process. Art bring to … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness: What is Art?

Women’s March Protest Film

On January 21, 2017, Zoë Ghertner captured powerful moments from the Women’s March in Washington D.C. in a short three-minute film. The footage is moving and intimate, features close-up shots on women and men protesters’ faces and signs. An article covering Ghertner’s documentary called up on the reader to “watch Zoë Ghertner’s beautiful protest film … Continue reading Women’s March Protest Film

Suffocating Art with a Definition

Whether art can be formally defined is a matter of controversy.  According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, there are two sorts of modern definitions of art. One focuses on art’s “institutional features, emphasizing the way art changes over time, modern works that appear to break radically with all traditional art, and the relational properties … Continue reading Suffocating Art with a Definition