Stream of Consciousness: What is Art?

Art is an object of consciousness – an expression of creativity. Art has significance not only for the artist, but also for the audience. Art evokes a conversation, a relationship, a bond between artists and viewer. Art provides a platform for critique. Art is emotion, expression of human experience, a thought process. Art bring to consciousness the unconsciousness. Art is a vehicle for social change. Art is sovereign, created for its own sake. Art has intrinsic and extrinsic value. Art is money and is priceless at the same time. Art is for the elite and the common. Art is healing and meditation. Art is catharsis, a release of oppressed emotions and ideas. Art revitalizes the world. Art makes you think and wonder and explore and awe and be uncomfortable. Art is in flux. Art is immortal. Art is cutting edge, innovative, creates new standards, pushes boundaries, redefines old definitions and standards. Art is the exploration of what art is.

“True art is imperishable.” -Beethoven


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